To the Moon and Back… 50 years later?

What is our relationship to Place when we leave the security of the stable, solid ground in order to journey to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere (the moon is actually inside Earth’s atmosphere to behold it not only from above, but from without.

It seems strange to ask this question 50 years after Mercury, Vostok, Apollo, Gemini (not in that order), but what’s stranger is having no official, government-sponsored moon mission in America for all that time.

Until now, but it isn’t the government, it’s Jeff Bezos and it isn’t the moon, its a mere 62 miles above the Earth’s surface

Regardless of what you think of Jeff Bezos, this is an arbitrary mission, aimed at fulfilling one man’s dream of going into space and giving the richest people in the world an opportunity to say they dun it too.

Fifty years ago Gil Scott-Heron wrote a song…

It goes a little something like this.

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