Both/ And: Dealing with Duality

Dualities are ubiquitous in nature, but that doesn’t mean that they are what they seem, otherwise physicists wouldn’t be looking for a unified theory. Perhaps the most enduring dualities are the mind/body; particle/ wave; space/ time; materialist/ idealist, but there are many more, for instance; as above, so below; energy and matter; macrocosm and the microcosm; subjectivity and objectivity, but perhaps the most important is position and momentum, otherwise known as the Uncertainty Principle, or the ‘measurement problem’.

Northwestern: Theory of Place

The importance of Meaning and Purpose in one’s relationship to Place              To illustrate the points to follow, it will be useful to consider the mythological symbols and analogies used by mystics and indigenous cultures to rationalize and explain the peculiarity of the world and its creation:             A snake with its tail in its mouth, turtle … Continue reading Northwestern: Theory of Place